Please Don't Call My Cell Phone "Mickey Mouse"

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I don't know why, but this kind of catches you off guard. We have Apple Phones, and Google Phones are on the way, so why not Cartoon Phones?

Mickey Mouse and the Disney stamp on merchandising everything has been around forever. In fact, Hong Kong has had a Mickey Mouse cell phone for a couple of years. Don't get me wrong, I know Disney is big business in entertainment ( including owning ABC), but somehow a Disney telephone network just does not sound quite right.

More power to the the little cartoon mouse that started out life out as "Steamboat Willie" and his cartoon buddies, as they engineer a Mousketeer Mobile Network in Japan. I wonder if they will be GNU/Linux phones?

For Digital Nomads, the idea of Open Moko is probably a more appealing mobile platform. I like the concept of anything being open source. If I was a hacker or developer, they would already have my $450 for the Advanced Developer Kit. -Digital Nomad

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