Quickstart Guide for Digital Nomads

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Here is some good advice in the form of a blog shoutout and reference to a post titled "Planning for a Digital Nomad". This article details many good ideas about using nascent technologies for a virtual mobile office that should be useful to those with designs on being digital nomads.

The list in this article is a good start and practicing digital nomads (or wannabes) anywhere could add to it, either for themselves or as a group effort by leaving your ideas in a post comment at on this blog or by visiting The-Digital-Nomad.com.

Read Brogan's entire post or refer to the list below.

1. Get a Smartphone

2. Move Applications Online

3. Centralize to Decentralize

4. Mix Online and Offline Storage

5. Central Numbers and Presence Management

6. Structure Work To Pay You for RESULTS

7. More Gear

8. Why Go Mobile?

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