How Digital Nomads Can Become Working Nomads

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Just after I made an ugly post recently about "how-to" ebooks, I now find myself considering buying yet another ebook about how to be a working nomad. The Working Nomad has claims of already doing what I have pictured in my mind for the last 8 months. Feeding the blogs became a necessary diversion, but I am now ready to create some truly virtual online business ventures. Most Digital Nomads are also working nomads.

The Working Nomad's book cleverly grabs you by sounding a little like Bilbo Baggins' Hobbit classic, "There and Back Again", and is simply titled "How I Did It".

Past experience tells me that following someone's lead, not covering the same ground, and avoiding the same mistakes, is a shorter path to freedom as a digital nomad. I have had good experience in past business ventures with mentors and a "step-by-step" approach.

It is always good to play the role of a skeptic, but the entire WN website and the WN blog has good reviews. The Working Nomad, Anthony Page, is also fairly active in some online forums, including his own for The Working Nomad. As might be expected, WN has his detractors, but he also has a tight knit group of hardcore fans.

There also is a recent CNN Money Dot Com article that mentions this book and the author. Blogging acquaintance, Greg Moulinet of Nomadesign is also referred to in the article from August 2007. One thing pointed out in this article is that there are no reliable statistics for true digital nomads. These are the self-reliant individuals that strike out on their own, not expats living abroad and working for multi-national corporations. There may be only a few hundred, and at most a few thousand professional working nomads.

So now this becomes a hunt to collect information with an effort not to waste time with false starts. A good sign is the fact that "How I Did It" is portrayed as a 20 week guide to online income with websites, so you can't really say it makes the usual GRQ claims. The Working Nomad video here is the first of a series that must have been abandoned (here is the second video).

If you have read this ebook, know of any online reviews, or have been befriended by the Working Nomad, please leave a comment. I have tried to reach out to the Working Nomad through the website contact page, but only have received a short email confirming my registration to The Working Nomad Forums.

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