BigString Erasable and Self-Destruct Email

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I have posted about BigString on several blogs and like the concept behind it so much, that I am taking it on myself to promote it everywhere I can for no other reason then I just like it. Why? Not only does it have features for the small office-home office crowd, and the sovereign thinker concerned about privacy issues, but I believe it to be another example of how resourceful thinking can cleverly re-purpose what has become the commonplace and mundane (in this case web-based email) .

This is one of my two current favorite communication gadgets that I am toying with for my Digital Nomad bag of tech tricks. MagicJack is the other, and MJ will be featured in a post here after I test it over the holidays. Both products are a smackdown for the establishment and prove technology can be a great equalizer.

They also are good examples of disruptive technology and provide a sense of taking back some control. Watch this video for highlights of the features. You can sign up for a free account at Combine this with other telephony innovations like Google's GrandCentral for your Digital Nomad mobile communication needs. -Digital Nomad

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