Google GrandCentral Tips and Tricks

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If you are lucky enough to have one number access from Google GrandCentral, then you will be interested to learn how to use it for both personal and business communications. We already know that this service can prove to be an effective tool for digital nomads.

This post deals with using the GrandCentral Mobile features on a cellphone, smartphone, or other portable device with a small screen. GrandCentral Mobile allows you to access the core features and functions of the GrandCentral virtual pbx from any web-enabled mobile device using MP3 files.

The first time you log on with your regular user ID and password, the GC user interface will remember your account information for future connections. (

As of this writing, not all mobile browsers are created equal and certain mobile browsers may not properly display the Google GrandCentral website.

Fortunately, GrandCentral conveniently suggests that you download the quite capable and Free Opera Mini 4 browser. Check out this article at Opera Watch, and then compare the page view from a PC screen vs. a screen shot of the same website using Opera Mini. Click on the screenshot for a larger view.

Here is a slightly edited description of Opera Mini / Source: Wikipedia

Opera Mini is a Java ME web browser for mobile devices. The browser runs on most devices that support Java Midlets. Opera Mini Advanced is the complete version using MIDP 2 for high memory mobile devices, and Opera Mini Basic is a less-featured version using MIDP 1 for low memory mobile devices.

Opera Mini fetches all content through a proxy server that runs the engine of the Opera desktop browser. The engine on the proxy server reformats website pages into a width that is suitable for small screens, using Opera Small Screen Rendering. The content is compressed and delivered in a markup language called OBML (Opera Binary Markup Language). Content reaches the mobile device typically reduced by 70-90%. - Enjoy.

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