GTD Tips and Tricks for Digital Nomads

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There are some free online productivity tools that fit in nicely with Google GrandCentral. Two in beta right now that will be detailed in more complete reviews by Digital Nomads are Jott and RTM (Remember The Milk). These are not exclusive for use with Google GrandCentral, and both look like good Get Things Done tools that you can customize and plug in where you like. Do consider these for your Digital Nomad bag of tips and tricks for mobility, ease of use, and time management.

These are quick screenshots of capabilities for each free service. Briefly, Jott is for dictating your thoughts (or reminders) with 30 second voice messages when you are not near a computer. Via phone, your messages are transcribed (note: Jott currently uses a combination of machine and human transcription) and sent as email messages or text messages back to you, your friends, family, clients, employees, or other groups that you create and are recognized by voice prompts.

RTM is an intuitive interface to manage tasks and schedule reminders from wherever and whenever. Combine RTM with Jott and Grand Central and manage tasks via email, SMS, and IMs (AIM, Google Talk, ICQ, Jabber, MSN, Skype, and more are supported). Create and share lists, scheduled tasks, even send out group email messages and make blogs posts from anywhere by just talking. Double click the screenshots for a larger view.

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