How to Link Up Jott and RTM for Task Management

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This continues the series of posts on unified messaging and task management for Digital Nomads. Originally, this was going to be a post devoted exclusively to a deeper look at the online prowess of the task management system known as Remember the Milk (RTM).

Suffice to say that there is a barrel of info online that you can search on to learn the ins-and-outs of RTM. Lifehacker, as might be expected, has a very good review on RTM. I suggest you do a read on that one at "Get Organized with Remember the Milk".

This now becomes more of a push to just take action and hook up RTM with Jotts reviewed in the last post. Sometimes the best way to learn is to just dive in. There are also the resources of the RTM Blog and RTM User Forums. Other benefits you will soon recognize is that Jotts + RTM + Google + a new FireFox Extension = Voice Automated time management supported by text transcription and audio files.

The net result is that you can have a truly virtual PBX and a suite of online productivity tools that you can access from anywhere via a cell phone or a wireless laptop, and when you return to a home-based PC your tasks will already be neatly filed and ready for reference. This following video is way too long, but it does show someone in France learning RTM on the fly.

Do a review of the related posts, and know this...the only two telephone numbers you will need to set up and control your personal information network are your Google GrandCentral Number and the Jotts Number (1-866-Jotts-123) on speed dial.

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