How to Use GrandCentral Call Record

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The GoogleGrand Central Call Record feature allows you to save part, or all of a conversation with the press of a button. This is a time saving feature for Digital Nomads, since you can record on the fly and access recordings online or by phone via voicemail.

Feature: Call Record

This GrandCentral One Number feature is aptly named "Call Record". Just remember that the number "4" on your keypad is the "On-Off" button for this feature. Be polite and inform others on the line that you are recording the conversation for future reference. Both parties actually hear a notification that the call is being recorded. Some jurisdictions even require that both parties be aware of a recorded conversation (see note at GC website).

Use Call Record to save important calls by simply remembering to press "4", make verbal notations for directions or instructions, all without having to take handwritten notes. Store, sort and even forward messages from the Google GrandCentral Inbox. -Digital Nomad

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