How to Use Jott and GrandCentral for Unified Messaging

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The beauty of Jotts for Digital Nomads and Road Warriors, is the way you can combine it with other telephony services like Google GrandCentral. There is no reason for you to forget anything ever again, as long as you have a cell phone (or any voice enabled wireless device).

One of the many strengths of the Jott service is that it does not require the purchase of new equipment or software, and there are no files to download to your computer. Just dial 1-866-Jott-123 Toll Free (put it on speed dial) and start to "Jott" notes, reminders, and to-do-lists all with your voice.

Speech recognition and transcription services for business are certainly not new ideas. However, combine the free beta version of Jott with other free telephony services and you can create your own low-cost, or no-cost custom unified messaging system.

Jott readily admits that the speech-to-text process at present is still low-tech, and that the speech recognition software is not up to snuff to deal with the full vocabulary that callers use. Jott overcomes this hurdle aided by human transcription at call centers where messages are saved on servers for transcription (takes about 10 minutes at the most).

Every transcribed message is backed up with a link to the original sound clip. So, you always have an audio file and text record as a point of reference to rely on.

This video demonstrates Jott as a hands-free solution while driving. Other online services that compete in this messaging space include, Braincast, QTech, Pinger, SpinVox, and SimulScribe.

The next post will describe RTM (Remember The Milk) and using that service in tandem with Jott. This function is called "Jott to a Service". You can also Jott yourself, Jott a reminder, Jott to someone else either individually or as a group, and Jott to a folder. In fact, the best way to think of Jott contacts, is to think of them as individual folders.

A Jott Link is like a contact. When you Jott a message to a Jott Link you are making an http post, instead of sending an SMS or Email message. The transcribed text of the post is delivered back to the Jott sender, and Jott also delivers the transcribed message to the online application such as Blogger or Twitter via the application API. You can probably bet that Google and GrandCentral are building, upgrading, or purchasing a service with such a unified messaging user interface.

Let's hear your thoughts and experience. Maybe someone even has some hacks. -Digital Nomad

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