More Google GC Features and Benefits

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There are so many tips and tricks for Google GrandCentral features that it is hard to give them there due in short blog posts, or when they are grouped together as a list of features and benefits. That's why Digital Nomads will be writing a on-going series of individual posts for many of the features that are listed at the GrandCentral website.

All things being equal, things should get even more interesting as the new year unfolds and 2008 brings us some updates on the 700 MHz Spectrum auction, and other telephony innovations being coupled with cellular and VoIP services. There are some pretty incredible things shaping up with mobile and wireless technology that not only influence Digital Nomads, but anyone with a computer and a telephone and/or any portable computing device equipped for voice and data.

Feature: Screen Callers

Identify callers before accepting the call. Screen unwanted calls no matter if you are at home, on a mobile phone, a laptop, or at the office. Stop telemarketers and unwanted callers in their tracks by blocking numbers.
Google GrandCentral routes calls to any number or device you wish. GC identifies callers from your address book, and if it is a new number, GrandCentral will ask the caller for a name the first time they call. Never lose first-time caller contact information again, and always be in control of call information, personal privacy and accessibility with one number access.

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