RV Creature Comforts for Digital Nomads

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Digital Nomads was unaware of the EarthRoamer prior to a comment to the first post about Digital Nomads Wheeling Around with the RV Travel Crowd. These vehicles are probably some of the more spectacular for get-up-and-go mobility and creature comforts combined.

They also have an interesting story, having been designed by trial and error over a period of years by an outdoor enthusiast and avid travel photographer that was unable to find a suitable RV camper to meet his personal standards.

You could say the EarthRoamer Xpedition XV-LT model pictured here is the result of a journey to create the ultimate expedition camper. These come with a full kitchen and full bath and go places a Class A recreational vehicle cannot go, because of size.

The EarthRoamer may be a little tight for full-time living, but like they say "Strap a Wi-Fi antenna on top and you're good to go!" There also is a lighter version named the XV-JP build around a Jeep Wrangler.

If you are a digital nomad taking to the road in an RV, let us know. Imagine extreme telecommuting in a rig like this.

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