Screen Calls with GrandCentral ListenIn

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This continues the listing of features for Google GrandCentral one- number access. This feature allows you to screen callers before you commit to taking a call. Digital Nomads will appreciate this feature called "ListenIn". So "listen up" on listenIn.

Feature: ListenIn

This GrandCentral feature works like a virtual answering machine. You have the option to press the star (*) key on your phone at any time and connect to the call.You can listen to messages as they are being recoded and elect to take the call. There is no need to wait for a voicemail to be completed to listen to the message.

This is an additional way to screen calls from unrecognized numbers, to hear callers before picking up, or hear voicemails as they are being made. Hear who is calling and why they are calling. You can even press "7" to delete a call, or press "9" to save a message at any time as you use the Google GrandCentral ListenIn feature.

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