The Social Consequences of Digital Nomads

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The staggering growth of IT applications and integration of network communications along the Digital Highway, will continue to have enormous social consequences. Current and future trends will indicate some of the consequences society will have to take into account.

New Forms of Organization

Digital Nomads
on the Digital Highway will be the foundation for a new infrastructure connecting networks of companies and private individuals. This facilitates the development of new forms of organization and new ways of working. These are the freelancers of technology.

Entire networks will emerge of companies that jointly produce, operate, and deliver. Each interorganization in itself forms what we currently mostly know as one company that operates independently. The co-operation is entered into for limited periods of time and with certain objectives.The temporary organization aims for the execution of one particular project.

Specialists will acquire assignments via the Digital Highway. They search the world-wide network for potential customers – organizations or private individuals – who are in need of their expertise.

The result is a strange mixture of co-operative competition. Companies will be compete with each other when forming new interorganizations to get assignments, while at the same time working together in other interorganizations.

Source: Hans Goedvolk / Paraphrased and Edited from The Social Consequences of IT