Top Ten Google GrandCentral Features

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Here are some of the reasons Digital Nomads will like Google GrandCentral. Lifehacker has already done a feature rich article, including screenshots of the GrandCentral Uer Interface.

No sense going down the same post path, so here is a link list to these 10+ features from the original article at Lifehacker Dot Com (really more than 10). Most likely there will be Digital Nomads updates, or a favorites list in future posts.

There is much speculation as to what the final GrandCentral features will end up being, what it will look like when it emerges from beta testing, and what the premium services may cost.

Just click on the links for number "1" and number "7" to view the image galleries for all the screenshots.
  1. Download Voicemail, Mark Spam, Screen Calls
  2. Forward Voicemail to Any Email
  3. Reply to Voicemail by Email
  4. Make Notes on Voicemail
  5. View and Filter Calls from the Call Log
  6. Make or Return Calls from Any Number
  7. View Call Location on Google Maps
  8. Customized Greetings Based on Who Is Calling
  9. Manage and Call Contacts with an Address Book
  10. Visual Voicemail Notifications for Your Email
For now, consider that the One Number Access concept is finally here to stay as Google muscles its way into the wireless space and the telecommunication industry. Here are a link or two to articles that describe the interest of Google to bid on the 700 Mhz spectrum up for grabs in the government auction that starts in January 2008.

It is not that only a 70-291 or a 70-649 individual can figure them out. Google is for all, from 70-270 to 646-204 to the complicated 642-901.

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