Using GrandCentral for Provisional Email Address

(Archived in: Nomad Resources Telephony)

Here is more on Google GrandCentral Tips and Tricks. This is a feature of GC that is seldom promoted or discussed in blogs or in reviews. You can use your GrandCentral One Number as an additional email account.

This allows people to send you an email even if they forget, or do not know your current email address. You still have full control, as you enable this feature to forward to another email account. Given that the GrandCentral number is assigned for life, you can be assured you always have a way for others to reach you by email. Everyone that knows your GrandCentral number can send you an email, if they are aware of this feature.

Below are two screenshots of an email sent from a Yahoo email account to a gmail account that demonstrates a recent test of this feature. Check out my Yahoo user name "Betat Ester" (Beta Tester). Double click for a larger view.

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