Block Phone Spam with GoogleGrand Central

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Everyone hates spam (except the spammers), and Digital Nomads are no exception. When it comes to taking unwanted or unnecessary calls, it is an intrusive waste of your time and a waste of your communication resources.

Feature: Phone Spam Blocker

It really doesn't matter what the source is, unwanted calls are annoying. Now you can block unwanted callers with this GrandCentral feature and you will never be bothered again. When you have a Google GrandCentral number you have the power to fight phone spam just like you fight email spam.

Use the "Send to SPAM" option and route calls to a spam voicemail box, or block calls and play a pre-recorded "Number not in service" message. Future calls from these numbers will no longer ring through to your GC number. Double click the screenshot below for a larger view.

As part of the GrandCentral community, you are protected from unwanted and annoying spam calls blocked by other GC users. You continue to improve this feature when can identify, report, filter, and block annoying callers. Even if you did not receive the call on your Google GrandCentral one-number access, you can report a number by just clicking on a "report spam" footer link.

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