Comcast Smackdown for Choking the Throttle

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The fight for Net Neutrality is far from over. This is an issue important to everyone, not just Digital Nomads. It has as much to do with your wallet, as it does with fighting the duopoly that exists in every market comprised of your local cable provider and the telephone company.

I had this news in my email today and am posting it on all my blogs (even at the risk of getting dinged by Google for duplicate content). It's that pass it on. You can change it up a bit, but keep true to the content. The email below has been edited and paraphrased.


We did it! Net Neutrality support has won a round in the fight to keep the Internet open and free from the wannabe corporate gatekeepers. And it's because of grass roots action.

Over 20,000 Free Press activists demanded the Federal Communications Commission stop Comcast from blocking Web traffic. The FCC has responded, and announced the investigation of this Net Neutrality violation.

Send Your Comments to the FCC

Now the FCC is seeking public comment before it decides to punish Comcast. Speak out now, and force the FCC to stop the self-proclaimed gatekeepers from tampering with the Internet.

Tell the FCC to Protect the Open Internet

Last year the AP caught Comcast secretly blocking the use of peer-to-peer software to share information online. Comcast used filtering technologies similar to those used in China to censor the Internet. The Associated Press called the violation "the most drastic example yet of data discrimination."

The Free Press movement and other Internet rights groups petitioned the FCC, calling for action to stop Comcast. Thousands of activists sent letters in support of the petition, and public pressure is forcing the FCC to act.

Insist that the FCC must send a strong warning to stop other phone and cable companies that want to follow the lead of Comcast and control your Internet experience.

Tell the FCC Not to Let Comcast Off the Hook

The longer the FCC waits, the more companies will continue to invest in technologies to censor and manipulate what we can do online. Blocking access to the Internet should never be tolerated.

The FCC has finally launched an investigation. Please help keep the heat on the FCC to make sure all gatekeepers are punished.

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