Forward Voicemail with Google GrandCentral

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Forward Voicemail Just like Email

We are closing in on the last few points regarding personalizing your Google GrandCentral number. Ever wish you could forward your voicemail via email, or conveniently copy and send voicemail messages to someone else?

Feature: GrandCentral Voicemail Forwarding

You probably are used to the convenience of forwarding email, and now you can forward complete voicemail messages. Share your voicemail with others via Google GrandCentral. Just click the Forward tab in the GC message inbox, and entire voicemail messages are sent to your email recipients with instructions to Play the message back. Double click the graphic for a larger view.

Forget about typing long email messages, or making mistakes. Call your GrandCentral Number, record your message and forward it on as an email to as many people as you like. You also can send messages to yourself as reminders. -Digital Nomad

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