Google GrandCentral Mobile Features

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Continuing the series on Google GrandCentral features and benefits, we turn to what will be near and dear to Digital Nomads. In a word...Mobility. You can be sure as Google gears up to get a piece of the mobile market, mobile features will be central to the GrandCentral concept of One Number for Life.

Feature: GrandCentral Mobility Preview

The mobility aspects of the GrandCentral come together with "GrandCentral Mobile". Log on from your web-enabled mobile device with your GC User ID and Password. GrandCetral is device-specific and will recognize your mobile phone in the future after your first call session.

Specify numbers for each mobile device, and you can customize call handling for each number from the GC User interface from any PC, Notebook, Laptop, UMPC, Smartphone, or Mobile Phone with wireless data service (and of course POTS).

Devices need to be MP3 capable, and some mobile browsers may not properly display the GrandCentral website. Read Digital Nomads previous post about using the Free Opera Mini Browser to interface with the GC virtual PBX.

It should be interesting to see what happens when Google GrandCentral taps into Android and the Open Handset Alliance.

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