The Google GrandCentral Mobile Inbox

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Take your GrandCentral virtual PBX with you on the road with the GrandCentral Mobile Inbox. Click on the screen grab below to see a larger view of the mobile features in callout fashion. It's a mobile version of your GrandCentral user interface. Create and edit contacts, play messages, organize your inbox, or toggle between your mobile carrier and GC to originate calls.

Feature: Google GrandCentral Mobile Inbox

The default view for the GC mobile Inbox shows only new messages and is called Inbox Views. You can, however, conveniently switch to a full inbox view to see your entire call log. Some mobile devices will require a download first, but then just click the play icon, and once you listen to your message it will be updated to "read message" status.

Search, Forward, Replay, Flag, Delete, Block, and mark messages as Spam with Voicemail Options. Probably one of the best features, yet to be discussed in this series, is Click2Call. This allows you to make one-touch calls from your address book. Just press Click2Call and let Google GrandCentral make the call for you.

It's odd that there are not very many good videos about GrandCentral, but this YouTube video from is a pretty good screencast presentation of how GrandCentral works. Makes you wonder how GC will look after some influence from Android and the Open Handset Alliance.

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