How to Contact MagicJack for Tech Support

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A Tutorial on Navigating the MagicJack Website for Technical Support

Whether it's intentionally designed to be difficult or not, most people will find it hard to to navigate from the MagicJack Website to the Tech Chat (Tech Support). Digital Nomads is here to help. As promised in the last post, here is a short tutorial on getting the technical support currently available from MagicJack (read Dan Borislow's comments in the last post).

First off, this assumes that you have purchased one or more MagicJack Dongles, have successfully registered your account, and have run into some difficulties with the plug-and-play installation (sales questions may be asked on Sales Chat). This blog will write future posts on user problems and updates.

Most people will naturally go to the MJ website and attempt to find a telephone number or email for tech support. This post is intended to save you some time. There is no telephone support currently available for MagicJack, and an email address is impossible to locate on the website. You could also try to use the email contact information on the parent company website:

Digital Nomads Step-by-step Instructions for Contacting MagicJack Tech Chat

Go to the homepage at www.magicjack .com, then go to the bottom of the page to the Customer Care link. You can double click on any of the screenshots below for a larger view.

Double Click the Customer Care link and it will take you to a new page with three icons, or buttons at the bottom of the page labeled Magic Fix, Member Features, Have Vista?

Double Click the Member Features and this will take you to your account profile page. This is a page where you can change some features and information on your MagicJack account. We are interested in another link at the bottom of the page labeled Tech Chat.

Double Click the Tech Chat link and you will be forwarded to the live Tech Chat window. You can also attempt to run the MagicFix first. No luck there...then follow the link all the way at the bottom labeled "All Other Questions", which will also take you to Tech Chat.

MagicJack Tech Chat is available during the week and on a shorter schedule over the weekend.

MagicJack Tech Chat Hours
Monday-Friday: 9am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10am-2pm

Come back for more tips, tricks and hacks for MagicJack VoIP. -Digital Nomad

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