How to Make MagicJack Portable

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Digital Nomads is still having fun testing the MagicJack USB Dongle, reading forums, and looking for tips and tricks. Nomads are mostly interested in portability and mobility. The best way to travel with the MagicJack is probably just to stick it in your pocket (a travel bag or brief case is better) and then you can use it on just about any computer equipped with a powered USB port.

Another option is to tote the MagicJack along with your laptop, and then when you hit a Wi-Fi hotspot (or other access point with broadband), you can use it with a headset, or a small phone. The MagicJack does support Bluetooth, so a Bluetooth headset would be the most portable. This test was done with a small flip phone and a Portable Rugged Notebook. The phone tested was found mentioned on The Unofficial MagicJack Forum.

The Innovage Mini Flip Phone is a corded telephone that is really small, really cheap, and also really works. The photos were taken with the laptop keyboard in frame for scale, and to show just how small the handset is in comparison to the MagicJack. If you have a MagicJack, you know that the dongle is about twice as wide as a USB stick, and about twice the thickness. The phone is not much larger. I found this one at a Walgreens Store, but this phone and other corded flip phones are getting harder to find.

Amazingly, this tiny phone features a year-day-time LCD display, soft touch keys, a ringer control switch, memory call functions, a hands-free portable headset, and a 10-foot cord with RJ-11 phone jack...all for a whopping $5.99 (batteries were also included).

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