How to Use GrandCentral RingShare

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Beyond Ringtones with RingShare

Here is another installment on ways to personalize the GrandCentral One-Number-for-Life, another feature for Digital Nomads that is currently available under "Personalize" on the GC website. There also are plenty of user hacks always being discovered, and GrandCental will no doubt change up some of the "personal features", as beta testing comes to a close.

You can always search for user hacks online, which will pop up on the SERPs. Digital Nomads will feature some future hacks, or do a series of posts on "Google GrandCentral Hacks". This post is specific to the GrandCentral feature labeled "RingShare" on the GC website.

Feature: Google GrandCentral RingShare

As you might expect, RingShare is Ringtones, and ultimately what people will hear when they call your GC number. Like Greetings, you can customize and assign different Ringtones for different Callers and Groups in your contact list. Click on the screenshot below for a larger view of some of the Rinshare Ringtones currently available.

Just Login to your account, go to Settings, and then to RingShare in the left hand column. There you will see a gallery of available rings and sounds. The fact that ringtones have become so personal and so popular, my guess is that GC will probably have the capability to import ringtones, or let you create your own ringtones for download in the future. -Digital Nomad

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