MagicJack Blue Light Software Fix

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If your MagicJack USB Dongle device has been registered and set up properly, it should be recognized by your PC or laptop computer. However, if you have successfully used your MagicJack previously, but now the blue light is not working...then you cannot make or receive calls properly.

Note: Some forum posts suggest that you can still make calls using a headset and the softphone.

MagicJack Blue Light Fix Instructions

Open My Computer and you should find two MagicJack drive icons, one named MagicJack and one named MagicJack (Vista Only). Even if you are running Windows XP OS, try to start the MagicJack software by double-clicking, first on the MagicJack Icon and then on the MagicJack (Vista Only) Icon.

If you cannot locate these two drives, try plugging the MagicJack into a different USB port and see if that remedies the problem.

If this does not work, surf on over to the MagicJack website and run the MagicFix utility. MagicJack Website > Customer Care Link > MagicFix Page.

Note: The MagicJack USB needs to be plugged into a "powered" USB port that provides power at 500ma @ 5v. If you plug MagicJack into a non-powered USB hub, it will not be powered and it will not start (no blue light).

Always plug the MagicJack directly into a built-in computer USB port or a self-powered USB hub (USB hub with 5v AC power adapter). Note that MagicJack does not recommned using hubs.

Final Software Fix

Run the MagicJack Blue Light Bonus Fix from the link provided below:

Last Resort

Contact Technical Support only available at Tech Chat.

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