MagicJack Software Update Available for Download

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Digital Nomads noticed this on the MagicJack Website, and it should be noted if you are beta testing the MagicJack Voip. I contacted tech support on a few other issues, and remembered to ask about this update. Tech support suggested to download and run this software update.

It would be nice to see MagicJack implement an automatic update feature, or have email notifications available for future updates. Many people will be annoyed not to know about updates.

Here is a link to the download, if you don't want to bother going to the website.

MagicJack Software Update

This is what the software download link appears like on the Website > Customer Care > MagicFix page > Click Here.

More new posts about MagicJack tips, tricks, and hacks will be coming soon*. This weekend will include a feature called "MagicJack Factoids". These will be some little known facts about MJ, and maybe answers to some of the annoying questions that go unanswered in the forums and blog comments.

*Soon = most frequent answer to questions on MagicJack Tech Chat.

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