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How to Minimize or Hide MagicJack Icons and Softphone

Chances are if you are testing, or using a MagicJack Dongle for VoIP calls, you may already be annoyed with the relentless popups of MJ desktop icons. Digital Nomads has researched ways to get rid of this nuisance, but you still may want to have the ability and the convenience of accessing the MJ softphone at will. Below are links for two simple programs (DeskView and Tweak UI) previously featured in posts that can be used to minimize, or even hide icons and take back control of your desktop.

These work as simple and flexible solutions that you may want to consider using if you are unhappy with the MagicJack icon and softphone popping up every time you get an inbound call, or every time you pick up your phone to make an outbound call.

Download Tweak UI and hide most MS icons from your desktop (such as the Recycle Bin, Doc & Pics, etc.)
Tweak UI Download

Download DeskView to change the remaining large desktop icons into a "list view" of small icons.
DeskView Download

Additionally you can just hide your desktop with a Right Click anywhere on the desktop, then under Arrange Icons By, uncheck Show Desktop Icons.

You also can invoke MagicJack from the Startup Tray, and then Right Click the MJ softphone icon in the Toolbar, go to Transparency, and change it to 100%. The softphone will no longer be visible on the desktop (bring it back at any time by changing the transparency).

Click the above screenshots to see a larger view of MagicJack initializing at Startup, and then a view of the desktop with MagicJack running transparent. Note that the MagicJack icons are Minimized in the Startup Tray and the Toolbar. Other program and folder icons are either hidden or minimized in a List View at the top left corner. The desktop skin is the mysterious black version of the Secret XP Theme, Royale Noir.

Combine, or mix and match these utility tools to customize for your personal preferences and force MagicJack to look and act more the way you want it to. A thread on this topic at The Unofficial MagicJack Forum is also something that you may want to bookmark and reference for more permanent solutions and updates as hacks are developed.

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