MagicJack VoIP and International Calling

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This is an update on the MagicJack USB dongle and international calling. Browse to the MagicJack Website and find the link at the bottom of the page for Customer Care. Next you will see on the top right hand side "Top Questions Being Asked: International Calling".

Without much fanfare MagicJack is telling the world "Prepaid minutes for International calling will be available to purchase February 1, 2008." MagicJack has been reported as already offering calls to parts of Europe, and a prepaid option for international calling. Personally, at the moment I am more than satisfied with JAJAH for international calls.

Do a search on MagicJack, read blog posts and forums, and you will find the pros and cons of both frustrated and satisfied users. Digital Nomads has tested this product and finds it to be both interesting and curious. The customer service is still scant, leaves way more to be desired, and promises abound for the future (Note: See Dan Borislow's comments on this blog).

I see MagicJack as the underdog against the large telcos and continue to be intrigued with any success they may experience against the odds. The parent company (YMAX Communications) behind this looks to be methodically organized and designed to defend against regulatory issues and potential lawsuits by the big boys.

I rather like the relentless audacity of this enterprise, the gadget itself, and the way it works after some fussing and amateur hacking.

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