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Solving Firewall Conflicts with MagicJack Installation

This is a software conflict that you will want to avoid when you install your MagicJack USB VoIP dongle. This is a known conflict from Digital Nomads testing. It also has been reported on the Unofficial MagicJack Forum, but is worth a post here since I intend to keep track of MagicJack software updates and future user hacks of interest.

Just like you might expect with anything in beta testing, MagicJack still has lots of bugs. Your experience with MagicJack will probably be a "love-hate" relationship from the very beginning. This post regards a known conflict Digital Nomads found with the free Sunbelt Kerio personal firewall software.

One of the first things you will discover is that MagicJack tech support is almost non-existent. Online chat with some email support is available, but it's not an easy endeavor to decipher navigation from the MagicJack website. I will write a future step-by-step post about navigating the MJ website to reach the tech support chat.

Here are some tech emails I found online that might help for future reference:

I spent quite a bit of time trying to whittle down this installation conflict on various chat sessions with MJ tech support. Originally, it was looking like a problem with having a Skype enabled handset plugged into another USB port at the same time.

MagicJack is plug-and-play, as in you plug it in and it self-installs. If you read the forums and reviews online, you will find that for some people it works right away...and for others it doesn't. This probably is always going to boil down to what software you have installed, and ultimately how your computer is configured. So, any current solutions will be a matter of trial and error.

The problem was manifested upon installation (and reboot at different times) first as a [303] Error code, and then as as an Error 401. In this case, the problem was resolved as soon as I uninstalled the Sunbelt firewall and replaced it with the Free Zone Alarm download.

You can read other opinions about Magic Jack at Magic Jack Reviews.

Leave a comment and share any MagicJack tips, tricks, and hacks that you find or come across in your surfing. -Digital Nomad

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