Make VoIP Call for Less Than 6 Cents a Day

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I have been testing MagicJack over the last week, and also have posted about this device a few times on The Rugged Notebooks Blog. This is an amazing USB dongle that is still in beta, and as a compliment to GrandCentral (one-number access) you can take your VoIP service with you in your pocket.

Vonage and others offer a USB stick to carry your VoIP, but not with the total cost of calls in Canada and the US at roughly 5.5 cents per day ($19.95 per year subscription/divided by 365 days = 0.0546).

I think all Digital Nomads will be impressed. Jump on over to Rugged Notebooks to read the reviews. Much has been touted lately about using GrandCentral with GizmoCall. I have tested the MJ on both a PC and a rugged laptop, and I think MagicJack wins hands down (IMAO). There also is an active online community of users at the Unofficial MagicJack Forum.

Many exciting things around the corner for telecommunications and wireless mobility in 2008! Happy New Year! -Digital Nomad

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