More Tips for GrandCentral One-Number Access

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More Ways to Personalize Google GrandCentral

Digital Nomads can personalize voicemail greetings by caller or group. Create voicemail greetings for business, friends, family, and other groups. Play different voicemail messages personally addressed to individuals.

Feature: Google GrandCentral Geetings

GrandCentral allows the flexibility to personalize voicemail greetings based on preference settings for "individuals" and "groups" that you can create for anyone listed in your GrandCentral address book. Just connect online to the GC User Interface, go to Settings, and then click on the Greetings link (for groups go to the Contact Cards in th Address Book).

When you are away from your PC or laptop computer, first call your GrandCentral number, then follow the voice prompts to record greetings. Even when mobile and on the road, Digital Nomads can update and change greetings whenever you like. Double click on the graphic for a larger view.

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