Personalize Your Google GrandCentral Number

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Now it's time for Digital Nomads (the blog) to move on to how you can personalize your Google GrandCentral virtual PBX calling service. The first feature under personalization showcases the power of having one number access for all of your telecommunications.

Feature: GrandCentral Call Forwarding

This is not your run of the mill "call forwarding"...this is about one-number access for all of your phones.

When you view the UI for call handling you will see that GrandCentral currently allows you to control 5-6 other phones (or numbers) with your GC number. The obvious first three will probably be home, work, and a cell phone number. As you have probably read on several blogs, GrandCentral and SIPPhone (aka Gizmo Project aka GizmoCall) have a deal to cross promote services. You can combine Grand Central with any number of services, and are not limited to only GizmoCall. Double click the graphic below for a larger view.

I believe that MagicJack and a VoIP over cellular service like Truphone or Fring may come to be preferable choices for the 4th and 5th spots. Get your GrandCentral number and play around with the options yourself.

Use GoogleGrand Central Call Forwarding to control up to 5 telephone numbers, program different phones to ring for different callers (even different ringtones), change phone numbers seamlessly without having to notify your contacts, program your home phone not to ring during the day, customize numbers by groups, route unwanted calls to voicemail, or "number out of service" message.

Make life simpler by having GC control your calls with one-number access. Decide which phones you want to ring when your GrandCentral number is called. Program certain calls to froward directly to voicemail. There no longer is a need to give out different numbers due to a job change or even a move. All you have to do is update the Google GrandCentral forwarding settings.

Drop a comment, if you come across something of interest or unique for the purpose of Digital Nomads and Road Warriors.

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