Ten Things You Should Know about MagicJack VoIP

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This post originally was going to be called MagicJack Factoids, but lists are popular...so here we go. Also, In general this blog endorses the concept and service provided by MagicJack. So, this is not intended to be a slam, and it is just for informational purposes.

Digital nomads and road warriors
would for sure like to see many dynamic startups compete with the the likes of the current communications duopoly.

You can support such efforts by letting MagicJack and Dan Borislow know what makes you unhappy and how YMAX can improve the product and service. Right now customer service and technical support should be top priority.

Here is the initial list and first 10 factoids...to be continued:
  1. There is no MagicJack "Uninstaller", and you cannot remove MJ via Add/Remove Programs.
  2. There is no "Follow Me" service, it is call forwarding available at www.my.magicjack.com.
  3. There are no email addresses or telephone numbers provided on the website.
  4. There is no telephone/email customer service or technical support, just Tech Chat.
  5. The "LED" on the VMAIL button on the MagicJack softphone has no function.
  6. MagicJack voicemail stops recording with no warning after 2 minutes.
  7. Dan Borislow received a J.D. Powers Award for customer satisfaction with his former company.
  8. YMAX is a telephone company (CLEC), but MagicJack service is based on a subscription.
  9. You are prohibited from selling your MagicJack (TOS Section 7).
  10. The license and service can be terminated at any time with no recourse (TOS Sections 12/13/14).
Digital Nomads will keep a running list of more MagicJack facts and list them here in the future. If you have any factoids to add, please leave them in comments.

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