Testing The Google GrandCentral Beta Invite System

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Digital Nomads recently did an online test to see how long it now is taking to get a GrandCentral invite from a beta test reservation request. I used a free BigString email account to apply this time around, since I already use Gmail and know that part of the Terms of Service per Google is that you are only allowed one number per free account.

No need to cheat, as the whole idea is to have "one number" anyway. So, I was not looking to try and game the system (although I would like to have the extra invites to pass out).

Here is the point. If you are looking to get a beta invite while these numbers are still free, go to GrandCentral Dot Com, and sign up to reserve a number right now. It only took a day or two to receive the email invite and response below. Click screenshot for a larger view.

When you read the TOS you will see that Google Grand Central can shut down your service, if you try to get multiple numbers. Since I already have a number, and did this only to write this review, here is the text of the email message that I sent back to GC below. If GrandCentral lets me keep the beta invites, I will pass them on to my digital nomad readers.

Hi GC Accounts:

I write about the GrandCentral service and features all the time at my blog http://digital-nomads.blogspot.com.
I signed up for this invitation to see how long it is now taking to get an invite, so I could write a post about the experience. I am a beta tester and already have a GrandCentral number. Is there a way to keep the 10 invites to give away to readers?



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