Unofficial MagicJack Factoids - Part 2

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Digital Nomads has come up with another 10 MagicJack facts to add the the first post, Ten Things You Need to Know About MagicJack. This list will show up from time to time as long as long as it manages to stay interesting. Then we can have a reprise with all the factoids in one long list.
  1. After four rings the MagicJack defaults to voicemail. There is no way to change this default.
  2. MagicJack Technology is base on the TigerJet chipset and the SJ softphone.
  3. There are several mistakes and misleading statements in the Terms of Service.
  4. Some of the links in the TOS do not work properly, or simply take you back to the website.
  5. The arrows in the softphone call log indicate incoming calls and outgoing calls.
  6. A red "X" in the call log represents an unanswered call.
  7. YMAX is a certified exchange carrier in 49 states with 31 switches across the United States.
  8. YMAX pays to terminate calls, but creates revenue from incoming calls to MagicJack.
  9. The original concept was to built a nationwide network to support GSM/Wi-Fi phones.
  10. Other VoIP services rely on “virtual gateways”, YMAX controls its own physical network.
Once again, this list is just a diversion of facts and figures. If you should have new items for addition to the ongoing list, please leave them in comments. Are you MagicJacked yet?

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