Click2Voice No Longer Clicking

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Let's hope that Click2Voice comes back online. I miss my Free calls. C2V has been down now for all of February, and it's not looking good. This Digital Nomad had a chat session earlier in the month with the owner of the Click2Voice website and VoIP service, and I was told that they were having server problems due to a move.

Perhaps they have moved on to a new project. We all can get wrapped up in other things. My interest has not waned on the blogging...I have just been wrapped up in other projects that keep taking me away from my posting as often as I would like.

Not to mention, I think this may be a trend. Many of the people I used to see online have disappeared. Perhaps it's the economy, or just a sign of the times. I plan to make an effort to continue with my writing on this blog and The Rugged Notebooks Blog. Video blogging looks to be the next online rage in the form of vlogs.

I will be searching for new VoIP resources online to review. MagicJack keeps bumping along in a somewhat haphazard way with the end of beta testing nowhere in sight.

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