More Unofficial MagicJack Factoids - Part 3

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More factoids here on all things "MagicJack". This is designed to be of interest to those beta testing MagicJack, or considering getting off the fence and jumping on board the MJ train. Digital Nomads continues to find interesting comments online about the MagicJack dongle, and recommends the Unofficial MagicJack Forum as a source of new and updated information.

Not meant to sway you in any particular direction, following we add to our list with Ten More Factoids:
  1. The Beta Technical Forum was disabled by MagicJack (locked down by MagicJack-August 2007).
  2. If your computer is not turned on, sometimes incoming calls are not forwarded to voice mail (see notes-updates below).
  3. Installing MagicJack on your computer disables both the "Standby" and "Hibernate" mode. (see notes-updates below).
  4. You are prohibited from using MagicJack with third party harwdware, like an ATA.
  5. You only get one $2 Discount code, even if you purchase multiple MagicJacks at one time.
  6. A refund request only entitles you to the purchase price of your first (only one) MagicJack.
  7. The MagicJack software will work with a Bluetooth headset, including a Jawbone.
  8. MagicJack service is referenced in the TOS as a "multimedia experience", and not as a telecommunications service.
  9. There expressly are NO WARRANTIES whatsoever as per the MagicJack Terms of Service Agreement (TOS Section 16. No Warranties).
  10. The MagicJack annual service (12 month period) begins from the date of registration, not from the date of purchase (per Tech Chat).
Notes-Updates from Tech Chat 2-5-08: Even with your computer turned off, calls made to your MagicJack number are supposed to be forwarded to voice mail. If you have problems with this, contact Tech Chat and they say that they can reset the path from their end.

Additionally, Tech Support confirmed that MagicJack will not work, if your computer is in sleep/standby/hibernate mode. When tested again with XP OS, if the MagicJack is plugged in and running these commands cannot be made.

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