Using The Google GrandCentral Mobile Interface

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Some of the additional features of Google GrandCentral "Mobile" are worth a mention for Digital Nomads and Road Warriors. Contact management is important for using "Click to Call", and for call handling. You don't have to import anything with GC Mobile Contacts. The default view on your phone screen always shows the most recent inbound and outbound calls.

Feature: Google GrandCentral Mobile Contacts

You can, of course, still access all your contacts from the GrandCentral address book online. Very handy for using the callback feature named Click2Call, which is still a free feature while GC remains in beta. There is an array of other GC quick rules worth noting that will be covered in another post. Click on the graphic for a larger view of the "mobile contacts" features.

GrandCentral Mobile is worthwhile to take the time to review and discover the functionality and the power of the Google GrandCentral User Interface, both on your computer screen and on your mobile device.

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