Have Laptop, Will Travel

I have been watching various nomad blogs online, and probably one of the more recent additions and entertaining duos is at Life Nomadic Dot Com. I have been in contact via email with half the crew, Todd Iceton, and enjoy reading about the nomadic antics. These guys will prove it takes more than a laptop and a cell phone to go nomadic, and they are proof that you can make a living on the road using the web.

The Digital Nomads blog still gets decent traffic, so I suppose that I should not ignore that fact. It also may be a sign of the times, as people are searching for answers with regard to mobility. This video is to entertain the nomad in you. I have not really tried to monetize my blogs, but am now looking at mini site programs like EZ20NOW as learning process and to develop new marketing habits.

So this serves as an introduction to some catching up. I will be posting here more often, but have been busy most recently with marketing Rugged Laptops, Rugged Notebooks, Portable Computing, and anything rugged and mobile over at The Rugged Notebooks Blog.

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