Being Digital Is More Than Tech Gadgets

I always fancied this blog, blogging, and tech gadgetry as a mean to an end. Fact is, being digital requires the resources necessary to stay mobile, or even to get mobile. Mostly money. Getting that require research, time, and a true education about making money online.

Online marketing is not yet taught in schools that I know of, and probably would not be a very up to date course of study. The Internets are too flux. The mix does appear to involve automated tools, a little marketing savvy, a few technical skills, but mostly a way to view what is working for others online, and an eye for the future. We can safely say it is not taking surveys, or paid posting. That largely is for losers...sorry.

I never have been wild about the PP models, and know that the blogosphere is ripe for some new blood. I don't know what you are looking for, but I think this is the right idea.

Here it is. It is called The SpiderWeb Marketing System. It's free, self-funding, and from my testing could be the next big thing for monetizing the Internets. The blog is "The SipiderWeb System Information and Reviews".

However, it is still in beta, and I can tell you now it has lots of bugs. If you are having success with SpiderWeb, please let us know. Leave a comment with some contact info and I will get back with you.

Better yet, watch the intro vids at the first hotlink above in this post, and you will get the picture of how powerful auto-pilot marketing could be if done right. -Digitalnomad