How to Make Money Online for Digital Nomads

All of this post is relevant to a virtual income and being digital, or becoming a Digital Nomad, and somehow unexpected at this juncture. Being digital still involves being connected to the grid for creating online income.

Just as I was running out of hope for the Make Mony Online Blawg Crowd, I get fresh blood and fresh meat from some guys named Griz, Court and Vic. Of course, they don't really make their cheese so much from blogging, but from ideas like Blogging Zoom and, real SEO, and building a real online business .

The first amazing fellow is Griz from Alaska that also tells all at "How to Make Money Online for Beginners". The other two chaps will be mentioned in future posts. These guys all slap down the misconceptions purported by the famous A-Listers we all get sucked in by (The Usual Suspects). Don't be a lemming, and don't be a zombie. Get involved in "Mashupmony", or learn how to develop and market your own products and services to sell online.

Start coming back to my blogs, as I now will be more frequent with updates on the info. Not trying to [make money with blogging]. On another note, this blog concept will soon be rebranded as "The Digital Nomad Dot Com" / / [The-Digital-Nomad]. It may seem late in coming, but in many ways it has been a matter of finding the right information in a long search to understand creating, developing, and marketing Internet real estate. I think that part of the journey has been realized in Google Conquest, created by Alex Goad.

Another ego booster is that after authoring this blog for almost two years, Dell Computers has wrapped their marketing arms around the concept of Digital Nomads. This has created a steady stream of traffic to this blog. I actually tried to buy the domain at one point, but the asking price at that time was $3,500. Hard telling what Dell actually paid to get the site going. Others have, of course, tied up names related to Digitalnomads, and this is how I arrived at

Additionally, I have left footprints throughout the blogosphere for that same period of time, either making posts, or blog comments with the moniker "digitalnomad". This too is my sername for many online forums. So, with that said, there is a certain amount of equity inherent in the digital nomad phenomenom for me personally. It now is just a matter of monetising it properly.

This has always been the original intent as a means to enlighten others on the journey to being digital. Freedom's just another word for being digital and living the digital nomad lifestyle, and the potential for travel that comes with it.