Google Voice Transcription

The Digital Nomad is back on the track of reporting features and benefits of the shiny New Google Voice. I really don't know how anyone can knock what Google is doing with the reiteration of GrandCentral, and the company that promises to "do no evil" has more or less promised no advertising on the platform. Here is the first neat trick I like. Voice to text...automated transcription of your voice mail messages.

I am trying to figure out how GV may interface with Google Talk and other mobile services like Truphone. I for one have most recently relied on my rugged laptop for telecommunication services instead of a cell phone. But then, you cannot take your laptop with you everywhere like a cellular device. My guess is that in the near term digital nomads will need at least a lappie for computing, and a handheld for talking, just for convenience and portability. Now that handheld can be a PDA or even an iPod. Then again there are the netbooks.

It really does not matter that you can use a cellular phone as a computer, and a computer as a voice device. It has to do more with the what else you are doing at any given moment and the mobility needed. Nokia does it best when it comes to hardware that bundles both tasks. Being digital takes more than gadgets.

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