Waiting for Google Voice

Official Google Blog: Here comes Google Voice

We know everyone keeps waiting for the release of Google Voice to the general public. I keep checking for updates. You also can bookmark and check back on the official Google Voice Blog. Another option digital nomads can use in the interim is Gmail Voice and Video Chat. Of course you have to have a computer to use either, (and a webcam for video chat) but then you already knew that, right?

It's not that confusing, one is email based chat, and the other is a new telephony interface. One is free, and the new Google Voice is almost free. Both are great for road warriors that use portable computing for work and personal communications.

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Google let loose their video chat to the masses. If your account doesn’t have the option yet, Google promises within a day or so you will. The new option for video is very simple and many users are wondering, how does this differ from other online video services like Skype?