Digital Nomads Need Salsa?

Yes it's a crazy subject, but the point is whether you are a digital nomad (or some other type of online marketer) you need to dance...or have some other form of hobby or recreation.

You just can't sit in front of your computer all the time like a lump. Let's face it, there is more to life. Even famous IMer's like Tim Ferriss get out of the house. Maybe not the best example, since he only works 4 hours a week, but you get the picture. And yes he supposedly is a world class act in the Tango.

If you want to learn to Salsa, then check out my friend's site at How to Dance Salsa? Learn how to dance salsa with the step-by-step salsa dance videos and salsa dance dvds.

If you don't want to learn to dance...then join a gym, or at least get out and walk the dog a couple times a day.