Meditation and the Mobile Worker

Meditation and Self Identity

Lost in front of the computer again? Here is a suggestion. Get comfortable in a quiet place. Close your eyes, relax and take several deep breaths, breathing through your nose. Let your breathing fall into a natural pattern. Allow tension to drain from your body.

Now begin by asking: Where am I? What am I? Who am I? Let these questions sink in for a moment in your mind. Be aware of your entire body as you meditate on your self awareness.

Close your eyes and say your name. Do you feel a sense of identity? What if you had no name? Ask "Am I really here"? What's the honest answer? Your name-identity is a collection of ideas... something seen differently by you and others.

Your feelings are not you - they just pass through you. Your clothes, your body, your reputation - none of it is your true self-identity.

Do this meditation for twenty minutes, then take another deep breath before you get up. Notice if you feel different - less worried or less attached to things, feelings and thoughts. Do the meditation as often as necessary, to remind you of what you are not.

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