Niche Marketing Online

Just How Niche Is Niche?

Is part of your online marketing plan to target niche markets? It should be.

Whether you are following the advice of top Internet Gurus, or if you just happen to have a business that caters to a very specific target audience, you must be able to find them online, and they must be able to find you via the web.

One of the joys of niche marketing is the luxury of tapping into a favorite hobby, occupation or expertise and building a business around it. Viable niche markets are everywhere online.

As an example, this can be almost anything, and it could be something as simple as "stroller blankets" (see

If you are expanding an existing off-line business by setting up a website, you may find your most valuable contacts right in your store. Make some brochures or cards that announce your online presence, or ask customers if they'd like to sign up for your online newsletter. Some people are finding it easier to just start their business from scratch via the net.