Android Chasing iPhone Apps?

Searching for New Android Apps

As digital nomads we all like our gadgets, not the least being our cellular phones and other great things like Skype for constant contact from a laptop or notebook. Over the years we have also written about Google spinning out the goodies like Google Voice and Google Talk. We also can guess that there is high hope for Android gaining market share from the iPhone. Sorry Apple Fanboys (and Girls), we still love you...but there are other choices out there.

Finding the Best Android Powered Phones that Use GSM

If you going down the Android Apps Download path, then you also will want to consider not only the phones available but the best network. The 3G network from TMobile has to be high on the list for state-side use. You will need a mobile phone that uses a SIM card, too. For international trekkers, look at getting an unlocked quad band phone that also is Skype enabled and can hop over onto Wi-Fi.

The good news is that with all the new apps being offered, Android phones are a nice choice to have. Competition is a good thing and since Android was scaled up and released, the operating system has turned up in a broad spectrum of market segments. Another great option for digital nomads from entry-level cell phones all the way up to high-tech smart phones.