Changing Digital Nomad Demographics

There probably have been studies done on this, and our best guess is that a large percentage of digital nomads are "baby boomers". Most people immediately assume that going digital is for geeky laptop toting youth.

However, it makes sense that Baby Boomers are prime for becoming digital nomads. This is because of staggering unemployment in all walks of life. Just because you have a college education, or a certain amount of life experience, will no longer guarantee gainful employment.

All things considered, babyboomer nomads also need to stay healthy and appearing as youthful as possible. This has to do with being ready for the rigors of working on the road, as well as making good first impressions.

Many will even consider their lifestyle habits, diet, and even plastic surgery to stay youthful in appearance. This might be anything from a tummy tuck to nonsurgical procedures. You don't necessarily have to go under the knife. Check out Eye Secrets Review for a way to make your face and eyes appear younger.