Select Decent Web Hosting for Starting Online

Aside from choosing an appropriate and keyword rich domain name, the hosting company and service plan you choose is another important consideration when it comes to starting online. Generally speaking, hosting is not that expensive, so there is no reason to go dirt cheap. Also, stay away from free hosting offers. They are not worth it in the long run.

Remember, that premium price offerings do not always relate to premium services. Do some reviews and stick with the most popular and most reliable services. Starting out, you probably need to look for a hosting company that can handle at least one gigabyte of disk space and can run at least three gigabytes of bandwidth.

If you are serious about building lots of websites or blogs, look no further than WordPress as a platform. This means that you want a hosting company with Cpanel, and a program like SimpleScripts to create data bases. It also makes sense to work with a company that is somewhat local should have have any issues. So, if you live in South Africa for instance, then do a search for "Web Hosting South Africa" to see what choices you may have.

Getting your domain name and hosting set up right from the start will save you lots of headaches in the future.