Critical Thinking for Business Planning

Starting An Online Journal

Do you do any real critical thinking and business planning when it comes to your online business. I recently started an electronic journal. I have kept journals in the past, most often in spiral notebooks. This is OK for writing down thoughts through the day, but is not a permanent record and can be quite messy for reviewing ideas, and trying to retrieve information. Not optimal for running a business.

Keeping an electronic version of an online journal makes a lot of since for many reasons. It allows you to take a more critical view of daily activities, and will very quickly show you where you are wasting time. I already am finding that I am working more efficiently in less than a week of starting my new journal. I also know that if you do anything in repetition for 30 days that it will become a habit. In this case, I look forward to creating a good habit that will make me more productive and help me in my business planning. I did this by just creating a private blogger blogspot blog.

You can do this and mark the settings so that the blog will not be pinged or listed in blog directories. Another trick is to just name it something that will not be very search friendly (something unique/add numbers and symbols) and only allow viewing by the author (make yourself the only author).