Where Would You Live and Work If You Had A Choice?

As a digital nomad you can dream of places you might want to make a more permamnet place to hang out. On the top of my list of places to at least visit to consider would be Costa Rica. I have to admit that I have not yet been there, but over the years I have met people from there, or people that liked to go there for vacations, and even as a second home.

I had college students from Costa Rica when I taught, and all they did was rave about their home country. I worked for the owner of an advertising agency in Chicago that used to go there to scuba dive back when it was still relatively undiscovered. I also had a business partner once that had close friends that owned rental property there with plans to become permanent residents.

Costa Rica is known for its beauty, and according to the New Economics Foundation, Costa Rica ranks as the first in a Happy Planet Index as the "greenest" country of the world. It also is supposed to be easy to live there with investment opportunities available. Some people manage to start or buy a business to cater to the tourist industry like Car Rental Costa Rica.

The great thing about being digital is you can take a virtual business with you just about wherever you go. You just need to be sure you have access to the Internet. Costa Rica is credited with having relatively modern telecom infrastructure, and also has the second highest Internet penetration in Latin America.